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JixiPix Software has a long and lucrative history developing well known 3D, Video & Multi-Media software products, not to mention an industry of iPhone and Android Apps and top selling Photography and Natural Media Applications for Windows & Mac marketed to photographers, graphic artists, and multi-media professionals around the world.

News & Features

  • Artista Impresso ProUse layers to combine paint styles and depth for impressionisms strokes that stand out

    Released: 2/6/15          More Info

  • Artista ImpressoTransform your snapshot into a stroke-filled Impressionist masterpiece

    Released: 1/20/15          More Info

  • Hallows EveCreate spooky scenes with a library of haunted Halloween things

    Released: 9/17/14          More Info

  • Fold DefyRender 3D popping folds with their perspective distortions and a realistic shadows

    Released: 7/17/14           More Info

  • Premium Pack18 incredible products in one powerful package

    Updated:12/12/13            More Info

  • Premium Pack Plugin18 Apps Bundled together into a Elements, Photoshop and Lightroom Plugin

    Updated:12/12/13            More Info

  • ChalkspirationCreate chalkboard art without the dusty clean up.

    Released: 12/5/13           More Info

  • Hand Tint  |  PhotographyNew & Noteworthy
    Featured on the Mac App Store

  • Vintage Scene  |  PhotographyWhat's Hot!
    Featured - Mac App

    New & Noteworthy
    - US for iPhone & iPad

    Staff Favorite
    - UK for iPad

    Top Selling Apps
    - Top 200 iPad

    #1 in 10 Countries

  • Photo Artista Oil  | Natural Media Apple's Pick
    iTunes Rewide Hot Trends - iPad

    News & Noteworthy
    - US for iPhone & iPad
    - UK for iPhone & iPad

    Top Selling Apps
    - Top 50 iPad
    - Top 100 iPhone

    - #1 App for iPad
    - #3 App for iPhone

    Featured on App Store's Facebook

  • Dramatic B & W  |  Photography MacWorld
    Editor's Pick - Mac App

Creative Tools for Creative Types
The leaders in professional-grade Photography and Artistic Apps for Windows, Android, Mac, iPad & iPhone

Photoshop Plugin

  • Included Apps

    The Premium Pack is now available as a plugin to Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom! The Premium Pack (Plugin) bundles the Ultimate Photography Suite, the Artista Series, the Creative Collection and now Aquarella, Artoon and Chalkspiration to give you 18 of our best products that seamlessly integrate into Adobe applications.

      Photoshop CS3+ (Mac/Win) & Elements 10+ (Mac/Win) & Lightroom 4+ (Mac Only)
  •  BUY Mac | BUY Windows  | Plugin Info                                Requirements: 64-bit Mac OS X 10.6+ or Windows Vista+

Ultimate Photography Suite

  • JixiPix presents the ultimate photography suite. If your talents lean towards the artistic, this is a must have collection for maximum expression in photography.

    Simply HDR NIR Color Romantic Photo Grungetastic Dramatic Black and White
  •  BUY MacBUY Windows | Bundle Info                  Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later 64-bit. Windows XP or later

Artista Series

  • This award winning artistic collection features a suite of natural media such as oil, pencil, stylized watercolor, and ink. Using intelligent algorithms your photo will automatically transform into an artistic masterpiece with options to customize and fine-tune. (Portrait Painter requires a 64 Bit Mac.)

    Artista Haiku Artista Oil Artista Sketch Moku Hanga Portrait Painter
  • BUY Mac | BUY WindowsBundle Info                  Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later 64-bit. Windows XP or later

Creative Collection

  • Our creative apps are for the creative professional or individual looking for an easier way to bring power and emotion to their images and creative compositions.

    Pop Dot Comics Kyoobik Photo Rainy Daze Snow Daze Vintage Scene
  • BUY Mac | BUY Windows | Bundle Info                   Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later 64-bit. Windows XP or later

     All apps are available for iPad iPhone and iTouch

Simply HDR is a Trademark of Jixipix, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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